April Feldman/CEO

April Feldman/CEO

Make your business grow.............

Welcome to Executive Assistants Network

Executive Assistants Network, Inc. was created 15 years ago to allow financial wholesalers to grow their businesses. We have an amazing staff of virtual assistants to help with scheduling appointments, email blast and other administrative task. Executive Assistants Network, Inc. allows you as the wholesaler/sales representative to be more productive. You can concentrate on being in the field, while we support you.

We are knowledgeable on both wire houses, banks and independent brokers. Our staff consists of experienced, educated men and women that are available to you, to do a wide variety of tasks. These include scheduling, database management, mailings, travel/expense reports and call reports.

Wholesalers/sales representatives have a tough job being out on the road, travel away from their families and coming home to endless amounts of paperwork. We want to help you focus on the "show." Getting in front of the brokers and selling your product is most important. We can help you do that!

We are committed to work with your company and provide you with an easy transition with your assistant. You will receive a qualified assistant that helps you decrease your workload and increase your sales. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to 
helping you!